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Teams working better


Four generations in the workforce today are difficult to get on the same page.  Millennials bring their true self to work and different work ethics; baby boomers known more for competitiveness etc.; our structured approach on how to help them see their similarities and harness those differences becomes a real competitive advantage.

Teams; they can work together or thousands of miles apart. However you’re organized, we all know that Together, teams achieve more.

"Group EI builds the foundation for true collaboration and cooperation – helping other wise skilled teams fulfill their highest potential.” - Vanessa Urch Druskat and Steven B Wolf, Harvard Business Review

We know how to unlock the true potential of a team, virtual or otherwise, and how to work with leadership and a team to unlock the power of their collective.   Using proven behavioral analysis and one-to-one feedback sessions, we coach individual team members before undertaking an interactive team session that puts everyone together.  The process builds awareness of personal styles and team strengths, cutting across cultures and generations.  Together, teams build their own right formula, an approach for them, by them.

At Higher, we believe that in even the most challenging of team environments, common ground can be found through understanding individual differences. Our solutions drive engagement, communication, collaboration and higher performance.

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Define your pinnacle.

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