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enginering coach, business engineering, technology


Innovation keeps a business one step ahead of its competition.  Any business that has invested in an engineering function has done so to drive innovation - technically brilliant individuals capable of improving both product and process.  Of course technical knowledge does not necessarily build effective inter-personal relationships, strong teams that can work together, and with customers and the rest of the organisation.  The secret to these strengths is locked in the team’s profile, individual personalities and style.

We can help, we have worked across multinational engineering businesses to help unlock potential and create a better function.

IT, Technology, business tech, business consultant


Your IT systems and processes sit at the heart of your business – they are a key to success in the modern world and those driving IT strategy should be just as integrated.  Often we find IT teams working in a silo and the key to unlocking their potential does not lie in technical knowledge, but in effective inter-personal relationships.  The secret to these strengths is locked in the team’s profile, individual personalities and style. 

We can help, we have worked across international businesses to help realise potential and create better IT leaders, team players and business influencers.

how to help our finance department, finance, finance advisor, business cosultant


Finance is often looked upon as a blocker – the team that stops investment.  The reality is somewhat different – this is the team that ensures the business remains profitable, that the right investment decisions are made.  Of course making the right financial decisions is everybody’s responsibility so what if your key finance folks could be even more effective at communicating and educating your organisation make better decisions? 

We have helped finance leaders build the right relationships across an organisation.  Becoming trusted advisors, celebrated for enabling success, not hampering it.

HR, Human Resources, define your culture, build a better business


HR, they are the ones that should be training and supporting the people behind the business to be better.  Right?  We find that HR tend to be so focussed on the business, rarely are there development plans for their own leaders, teams and people.  But if you think HR holds the key to help unlock potential within the business, surely the HR team need to be operating at the top of their game?

Your HR team are central to your ability to transform culture, develop superior employee engagement strategies, build a better business.  If they are effective, the possibilities are endless!

virtual teams, make virtual teams work, business coaching, team building, team exercise

Virtual Teams

Across the hall, town, the country or globe – collaboration is the key to improve productivity and deliver results.  While we are all used to working together in a shared space, the modern workplace demands high functioning teams of people who may not ever have met.  Sometimes they don’t even speak the same first language.  What if you could create higher performing virtual teams and capture the ‘super powers’ such diverse points of view can deliver? 

We have the tools that enable teams to develop ways to work together and use common language to overcome conflict.

Mergers and Acquisitions, M&A, workplace culture, business coaching

Mergers & Acquisitions

You’ve done the deal! The business plan is clear – but what are you doing to ensure the people are onboard and aligned?


Successful M & A teams consider culture, people and teamwork as key enablers to getting the big payoff from the merger.  The people moving forward is key – the quicker the better!  We get your people and teams talking and past the obstacles of whose team were they on before to delivering the new business plan and adding real value for the future.  Let us help you reach your pinnacle!

Marketing and communication, get your business on the right track, marketing advice

Marking & Communications

Ensuring you deliver the right product to meet a market requirement is fundamental.  Being able to share this with the right stakeholders to drive sales and ultimately business is equally important.  When your business has different technically lead areas such as engineering and IT, each speaking their own “language”, sometimes it can be a lot harder than it should to do these simple things.

Ensuring the business is on the right track and everyone is on the same page is imperative.  We can help you build the strength and influencing skills of the function, and ultimately positively affect the performance of the business.

program management, prgramme management,  grow your business

Programme Management

Launching programmes, products, or services on time is crucial.  How else do you stay one step ahead of your competition?  So the Programme Management team are critical to your success… more than that they have responsibility to seamlessly interface across the entire business, often holding “matrix” roles with few direct reports.  Influencing skills are key, these guys and girls need to drive team play through the entire business.

We have worked with programme managers and their teams to help build the strengths they need to succeed.  And ultimately to ensure that you get what you need to market, when you need it.

sales and commercial, personal business style, get beter sales, business coaching


The face to your company externally, the voice of your customer internally. The sales or commercial team are a crucial link in ensuring you are exceeding the demands of your customer.  In our experience of large multi-national sales forces, relationship building and negotiation skills have the biggest impact on performance.  Part strategy and approach, and a huge amount relating to interpersonal relationships, the strength of the team.

Understanding the personal style of your business, and your employees is the foundation of your sales approach.  Ensuring everyone lines up with a shared, resilient focus will keep you in the lead!

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