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Executive Coaching / Professional Consulting


Higher was born out of a strong desire to help individuals and teams achieve their ultimate success. By applying practical, proven methodologies, we’re helping clients around the world remove the limits they unconsciously place on themselves. Our boutique firm provides personalized, bespoke training and support solutions catered to your needs.   

Cyndie combines her worldwide experience supporting leaders across many industry sectors with her unparalleled work ethic to empower others to grow. Every day, she looks for new ways to enable professionals to recognize their best selves. 

Results Driven

Ultimately, any action in business should drive results.  How else to understand the return on investment, or what to focus on first?  We will help you set specific goals based on your needs and, if appropriate, the needs of the organization.  That way, measurement is baked in from the start, and “what gets measured gets done”!

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Define your pinnacle.

Mountain and River

Our Vision

Unleashing the power of individuals and teams creating more mindful, confident and successful leaders who make an impactful difference in their personal lives, their businesses and in their communities.

Our Mission

What if individuals and teams in the workplace had access to the right tools that enabled them to excel? At Higher, we’re committed to doing just that. Through our dedication to eliminating nonproductive conflict, increasing accountability, while encouraging strong relationships and celebrating unique approaches, we’re changing the way professionals perform.

Cynthia Streather, Founder

Cynthia (Cyndie) Streather is a Global Human Resource Leader and Certified Executive Coach with 20 years experience providing executive coaching, strategy and guidance on talent and employee development worldwide.​

She has been a key member on senior executive teams of global organizations developing and promoting successful employee and program performance; and increasing profitability in large multi-site and multi-cultural companies. She works with senior commercial, engineering, IT, finance, manufacturing executives and CEOs in both turnaround companies and those in strong growth periods.​

With career experience in public relations, sales and human resources she has worked in the Healthcare, Chemical and Automotive industries.

Cyndie has a passion for enlightening teams on how to be elite high-performing teams. She also enjoys helping individuals develop into their best selves. She has extensive experience in solving business challenges and working with all types of teams, including virtual teams. ​

Cyndie has a strong background in Executive Compensation, benefits, succession planning and key talent development, as well as the implementation of a single-platform HR system in 10 languages and across 15 countries.​

She is a sports fan and serves on the board, and an Advisor to several local non – profit organisations. 


Cyndie has a BS, Management degree from Bowling Green State University and is a Certified Executive Coach, with CEC Florida. She is also certified in assessment and 360 tools with T-three Consulting, London, UK.

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