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Executive coaching, leadership skills, and talent management 


As a business leader, you strive to be your best.  With the right support, we believe we can help you be better!


“92% of leaders who have had coaching, plan to use a coach again.” – Fast Company Magazine

“What distinguishes great leaders for merely good ones?  It’s not IT or technical skills, it's emotional intelligence.”  – Daniel Goldman Harvard Business Review


We all have strengths that can be built on, weaknesses that can be mitigated, and behavioral blind spots... That’s why even the smartest of leaders can fail to achieve what they want to for themselves and their teams.


Higher can help you: 

  • Become a more effective leader/manager

    • Improve teamwork and productivity / create high performing teams

    • Enhance employee engagement

    • Learn how to create a “feedback culture”.  

    • Learn how to reduce conflicts and build stronger relationships

    • Enhance 'managing up' skills

    • Communicate with impact

  • Be an authentic leader

    • Learn how to align your personal style and talent with business needs.

    • Develop your personal brand

    • Increase your profile

  • Stay on track with your business/career goals

    • Achieve excellence in work and home life

See our Specialty Niches to learn more about our niche markets!

Define your pinnacle.

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